Why Funeral Services are Important?

A funeral service is a special tribute to a loved-one who has left this world. It is one way of showing that the deceased is well-cared for, dignified and respected even when he is gone. It is also a way for the family left behind to acknowledge and accept the death, remember the late person’s life and give each family member support at such a difficult time. For more visit gentrygriffey.com this service is provided by funeral homes.

funeral-burialA funeral service will help the family face the loss, the initial big step to remove the sorrow and misery from inside so that it would be expressed outside via mourning. In this service, family and friends of the deceased can gather together, provide the necessary support needed and console one another. It is important to have a funeral service from funeral homes because it allows family and friends to speak of their admiration and deference to the deceased who became an important part of their lives. Hearing all these caring words will somehow lessen the pain the family feels. When man was created, death was his twin so funerals became a part of human history.A funeral service will allow mankind to move from worldly life to eternal life. It will help people start the healing process and will make them appreciate life even more.

The funeral service will tell how the life of the deceased was significant. The loss will make those in attendance look for meaning in their own lives. It permits people to share their own emotions and thoughts on life and death.

With the service provided by funeral homes, close family members and friends are brought together in one venue. They will then be able to share love and support to each other.The deceased is remembered during his or her funeral through the sharing of unique anecdotes and memories about him/her. This somehow brings hope and optimism for the future.

For millenniums, expressing emotions, thoughts and notions on the death of a loved one can be done in a funeral. The ritual or ceremony will make people accept the death, pay their final respects and goodbyes, give support, dwell on the true meaning of both life and death, and be more hopeful about life.

The ritual in any given celebration is a symbolic experience and expression which help people express their feelings and thoughts about the most important events of life. For instance, a birthday will celebrate another year added to a person’s life. A wedding will celebrate in public the love and unity of two persons. A funeral service remembers and honors the life of a person who passed away. These rituals unite people together.

A lot of rituals follow a traditional and cultural procedure. Through time, these procedures may change but these have general patterns that can still be recognized. Those who witness these predictable or known rituals will make them feel safe and comfortable. For instance, in a service given by funeral homes, regardless of beliefs, those who attend know what kind of behavior they should display. They should be quiet, feel sympathetic to the family of the deceased and must offer their condolences.

Rituals are also symbolic. In a wedding, rings are exchanged by the bride and groom to express unity. In a christening, christening gowns are worn to show that the baby is born a Christian. In a funeral service, there are those who wear black clothes to show that they are mourning. These symbols express emotions and belief when language cannot describe nor do justice to them alone.

These are the reasons why it is important to give your loved one who passed away a nice memorial service provided only by the best funeral homes.

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