Is a Movable Storage Container for You?

Whether you are looking for a solution to free your life of clutter or you need storage units for your move, steel storage units are a great option. Several storage container providers offer flexible buying options for containers. However, there are a few things to take note of if you are considering renting or purchasing a storage unit.

Home or Warehouse

Renting a storage container gives you two options in terms of location. Traditionally, companies offer storage units in their warehouses. This option is great for people with small lot space. However, it tends to be inconvenient for people who live away from most self-storage companies. It takes time to drive to the warehouse whenever you need to get or add something to the unit.

Storage containerFortunately, some companies have begun offering movable storage units. These units are offered for sale or for rent. There are companies that even offer delivery of portable storage units with their heavy-duty trucks. However, you will have to make sure that there is enough space in your property where you can place the movable storage unit.

Area Regulations

Many cities and towns have passed ordinances regarding portable storage units. For instance, movable storage units are regulated in Palmetto City, FL to make sure that residents do not abuse their liberty to rent and leave so-called portable storage units outside their homes. Be mindful of the regulations in your area. For example, some cities do not allow residents to leave 20 feet long storage units on a perpetual basis.

Short Term or Long Term

Movable self-storage units are usually offered for short or long-term rental. Short-term storage rentals are affordable and ideal for individuals or families who will be moving to a new home. Some companies offer daily or weekly storage contracts for everyone in need of space in the meantime. Long-term rentals are great for people who are in need of an almost permanent storage solution. Long-term contracts are usually more affordable, which are great for families in need of space for their stuff while renovating.

Buy or Rent

While long-term storage rentals have reasonable prices, some people who need additional storage space for a long time, if not during their lifetime, resort to purchasing a storage container. People have become creative in taking advantage of movable storage solutions that several companies offer nationwide. For instance, some people customize their units to have shelves for better organization.

There are containers that come with wide doors, making them a good DIY room or living space project for creative minds. Some families and even businesses have purchased large movable units to serve as a room. With a little work, 30 to 45 feet high storage units can be converted to playhouses, pantries, wood work posts and even recreational rooms.

Consider your Storage Needs

While movable storage units seem to be an efficient organizing solution, whether you will rent or buy one depends on your storage needs. On the one hand, if you need space for clothes and other small items, a 7-foot long container may suffice.

On the other hand, if you need storage for appliances, furniture and other large items, you will need a 20 to 40-foot long storage unit. You can choose to have a large steel box at the back of your house for easy access to your belongings. Have it delivered by a trusted provider in your area. Research about your city or town’s regulations regarding movable or portable containers.

Think about the most cost-effective renting or buying option based on how long you will need the unit. Sometimes, buying a storage unit is surprisingly more efficient than renting for individuals who will be storing their stuff for a very long time. Besides, owing the storage container means you can do whatever you want with the unit and you would not have to worry about damages.

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