Cool, New Custom Hoodies for Every Season

Design Your Own HoodieHoodies will probably never go out of style because they are comfortable and versatile. There will always be a need for a garment that can be used to cover the head and ears – and so with the hoodie’s longevity comes the longevity of custom-printed hoodies, too!

If you are in the market for custom hoodies, it would be best to find out first what the different kinds of hoodies there are so you can make a better selection for whatever needs you may have for a custom hoodie.

Types of customizable hoodies

The first type of hoodie that people are most familiar with are the lightweight, pullover hoodies. These hoodies sometimes have a slightly heavier variant, but on the average, they are quite light and are easy choices for casual wear.

Casual and lightweight hoodies are best for promotional purposes if you are looking for custom hoodies to give away for brand promotion.

They are less pricy and you will likely get a good price if you are ordering multiple units at once. As for the design, it doesn’t really cost that much to vary the design, so feel free to shake it up, so to speak, when it comes to the designs.

The second type of hoodie is often tagged as “eco dry” or something similar. The operative word here is dry. Why dry?

These hoodies were designed specifically to carry away sweat from the surface of the skin. While everyone sweats, hoodies that wick away sweat are usually designed for fitness practitioners who like to keep their body temperature stable while working out. If you live in a temperate country like the United States or Canada, this makes a lot of sense, especially during fall and winter.

Well-known garment brands like Champion and Hanes produce pullover hoodies that are “eco dry” or “double dry.” When should you use this type of hoodie? All hoodies can be customized, but their makes are different. If you have a bit more budget for your promotion, you can choose eco dry hoodies to give away because these will serve double purposes: daily casual wear and as a workout outfit.

The third type of hoodie are the heavy duty, cotton ones. These hoodies are large, heavy, and perfect for really cold days. They are just a bit pricier than the previous two we mentioned, but they make up for their prices with the amount of fabric you are getting per square inch.

Get this type of hoodie if you want a hoodie that will withstand the test of time, and can stand colder temperatures. Like we said before, choosing a hoodie really means you are choosing the specific functionality of the hoodie that you are buying.

The fourth type is the performance hoodie. Performance hoodies or sports hoodies are by far the priciest among all the hoodie types we have reviewed. But what is great about performance hoodies is that they are 100% engineered to be used during workout, or during continuous physical activity.

People who perform physical labor most of the day will benefit from wearing performance hoodies. These hoodies may have a slightly higher price tag than the ordinary heavy-duty hoodie, but they are meant for sports training/fitness, so do not be surprised. Do not be surprised either when you find out that the fabrics used for these hoodies are so specialized, they are actually just as light as eco dry hoodies.


When buying hoodies for customization, it is always good to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If the hoodie is for yourself, what kind of statement do you wish to express through the custom hoodie? This will guide you with the selection of the color of the hoodie.
  1. If the hoodie is for a group or organization, do you have any ideas about what people prefer with their custom hoodies? If not, try to ask around and get a good, general concept of what people in the group consider attractive and wearable. Sometimes, what we think is wearable may not be as attractive to other people. We want people to be happy, and the best way to find out about people’s preferences is to ask them.
  1.  hoodiesIf the hoodie is for a special event like a gathering, or even just a get-together, you have to get the spirit or vibe of the event so you can get a good feel as to what kind of design is best suited for the custom hoodies. Again, asking other people will help tremendously with design considerations.
  1. If you are planning to sell custom hoodies because you already have the eye for art, and you can design, what kind of market do you think would be interested with your custom hoodies? Knowing your market will ensure that you will be on the right track with the production of more designs.

The thing about hoodies and shirts markets is that people can be fickle yes, but when you get their general taste of what is good and wearable, you can make it pretty big in this industry if you keep at it. Lots of people have made their fortunes making designs for custom shirts and hoodies.

If you are having a tough time determining the right design for your custom hoodie,  try to get inspiration from the things that you are passionate about. If the custom hoodie is for someone else, then you know what to do: try to know the preferences or taste of the person who will be wearing the hoodie in the first place.

Do not feel so constrained – be creative, have fun, and let your natural talent with art shine. And since everything can be done digitally nowadays, there is nothing wrong with playing around with some designs on your mobile image editing app, or on your computer. A simple Google search will reveal many artistic inspirations fit for any custom hoodie.