About chronistsempelis

When a company is struggling to try to improve their search engine rankings and their visibility, the best solution is to hire or consult an SEO specialist. Some have multiple areas of expertise like content writing, Google analytics, and, of course, search engine optimization. SEO Consultant chronistsempelis is one of these specialists. With 10 years of experience in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and web development, he has become one of the most trusted consultants that struggling companies seek.

seoHis company, ExplodeSEO, was founded in May 2005, and boasts 24 hour customer support, the ability to cancel services anytime without any long-term obligations, month to month payments, and were given a Grade A rating by the Better Business Bureau. Prospective clients could get a quote for free on the company website, as well as browse their different services.

Some of the services they offer, aside from content writing, analytics, and SEO, are:

• Link building
• Penalty recovery
• Reputation management
• Video creation and optimization
• Social Media Optimization

When people are considering hiring an SEO Specialist, there are a lot of things they have to consider. SEO companies tend to be more expensive and need to be paid monthly for a company’s website’s upkeep. chronistsempelis provides free consultation and lets prospective clients decide if they want to push through with using the company to improve their visibility and rankings. When given the affirmative, then prices could range from $195-$145 per hour.

While the list of past clients are not prominently displayed on the company website, chronistsempelis says that he has been proudly helping companies effectively up their visibility and rankings for the past six years. A client may ask for a list of past clients upon his initial consultation and could look these up themselves to see if these past clients have indeed seen positive results.

Chronistsempelis is also proud to have his own methods and techniques when it comes to search engine optimization and internet marketing, discussed in depth in the upcoming ebook that could be found on hiswebsite. He is also happy to provide his own internet marketing software to clients who wish to make sure of them.

SEO expertsThese methods and techniques are all white hat techniques, which means that he does not use any underhanded ways to boost a website’s rankings, nor does he veer from Google’s webmaster best practices. He actively promotes these white hat techniques, so any prospective clients who are afraid of getting their websites flagged or banned need not worry. He is also open to any companies who may want to partner up, and could just drop a line to the company’s email address.

Some topics he has touched upon in the articles that he has written that could greatly help other companies include:

• Tips for starting a new website
• Understanding Google
• Aspects that improve a website’s SEO
• How to optimize a website for Google
• Tips for having a successful PPC campaign for a website

These articles show just how wide the areas of expertise he has and how long he has been in the business.

So, if a person needs an affordable means of search engine optimization or just needs a free consultation to get his own website on the right track, then chronistsempelisis one of the SEO experts to consider. With his track record of successes and his years of experience, a prospective client can definitely reap a lot of benefits and learn so many things about search engine optimization. A client can leave his website and internet marketing in his capable hands and expect to see an improvement in search engine rankings, website reviews, and traffic.