PCB Assembly

Things You Need To Know About PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication is a complex and a time consuming process. In designing the final output, you need to follow certain steps and stages. PCB is designed, so that an electronic device can work without any trouble.To know more about PCB fabrication visit here www.pcbnet.com. All electronic gadgets and devices manufactured by electronic companies have PCB in them. They only differ on the circuitry requirements.
Parts Of Printed Circuit Board
1.Board It is made of different material and is usually in brown, green or blue color. The material is durable and can bear thermal, mechanical and electrical stresses for many years to come. 2.Traces These are the wirings of the PCB. The components are joined by traces to form circuits. 3.Components Components are placed on the PCB. Holes are created to insert the components of different shapes and sizes. 4.Connectors Its primary role is to provide electrical signals and power to the circuit board. 5.Vias The number of layers that you see inside the board are connected through vias. These are holes created on PCB with conducting metal plug.
The Processes Involved In PCB Fabrication
PCB AssemblyThe PCB fabrication has two parts – the processing and the assembling. It is normally done in an extremely clean area where the components and the air can be kept free of any contamination. Most electronic companies have their own way of processing the board. Normally, experts will design a PCB prototype first and then they will test it. If in case, it does not provide the needed results, a new prototype is created or changes are being made and then subjected again to testing before commencing to the other stages.
Below Are The General Steps In Fabricating The PCB.
1.Making the substrate 2.Drilling and plating the holes 3.Creating the pattern 4.Attaching the contact fingers 5.Fusing the tin-lead coating 6.Sealing, stenciling, and cutting the panels 7.Mounting the components Aside from the above-mentioned, there are other steps involved in PCB fabrication like multi-layer processing, finishing and testing. The testing is done to assess whether the board is functioning well or not.
The PCB Assembly
After designing the board, a number of components are attached to it and is referred to as PCB assembly. There are two methods of assembling a PCB – the Surface Mount Technology and the Through Hole Technology. In Surface Mount Assembly, the components are positioned on a pad situated on the outer surface of the PCB whereas in through-hole technology the lead components are inserted into the holes. However, the volume of the board is taken into consideration to determine the method of assembly that is best for completing the job easily.
Quality Control
Inspections both visual and electrical are carried out throughout the manufacturing process to identify any flaws. Most of the flaws are caused by the automated machines. For instance, components are sometimes misplaced on the PCB or moves before final soldering. Other issues are due to the excess use of solder paste, which can lead to excess solder to flow between 2 adjacent printed circuit paths. Another flaw is the tombstone effect which is a result of heating the solder too quickly in the end of the reflow process. The component lifts up off the PCB and does not make a contact. Completed PCBs are also tested for functional performance to make sure they provide the expected output within the desired limits. To determine the board’s performance under extreme heat, vibration, impact and humidity, the boards are subjected to environmental tests.
Use eye protection and mask during the soldering process since it involves the use of lead, which is known to be a very toxic material. The fumes produced from soldering are dangerous to your health so make sure you use the necessary gears to keep you protected.... Continue..
custom challenge coins

Ordering Custom Challenge Coins: Useful Tips and Smart Practices

Boosting morale and fostering camaraderie amongst members of a team are incredibly important. Having custom challenge coins made for your group is a great way to achieve this. These tangible mementos of what your team stands for and your loyalty to one another will go a long way towards cultivating a healthy and productive group dynamic. You can give these away after your team completes a significant task or accomplishment, or when new members are officially admitted into your group as a gesture that is sure to be genuinely appreciated and taken to heart. Having these coins will also be a handy way of deciding whose turn it is to buy a round of drinks on your next night out. There are many companies that specialize in the minting of custom challenge coins, and it is not difficult to find them. A quick internet search will yield numerous results, and it will be easy to find out which ones do good work by going through reviews and feedback left by former customers on independent websites. As with most customized products these days, challenge coins can conveniently be ordered online, so you don’t even have to deal with the trouble of leaving your home or office to get them.
What may not be so straightforward is the process of ordering itself.
Having personalized coins made is rather different from creating items such as badges, t-shirts or even mugs. The words and shapes on custom challenge coins are either stamped or engraved onto the metal surface rather than simply being printed on, and you will need to plan the design accordingly. custom challenge coinsA customized coin can contain a staggering amount of detail, but the nature of their construction makes errors much more obvious and much harder to correct. You don’t want to open a newly-delivered box of challenge coins only to find out that they all contain a mistake that could have been avoided if a clearer image had been provided. You should make sure that the images you pass on to the minting company are of the highest possible quality to avoid mistakes caused by blurred letters or unseen lines. The minimum image resolution for this purpose is usually 300 dpi (dots per inch). Another point about design that you should keep in mind is that while almost any colors can be put on a challenge coin, they can only occur in solid blocks. This is because colors are applied by filling some depressed spaces on the coin with hard enamel paint. This is not a medium that readily lends itself to being blended into subtle gradations of color, especially if it needs to be put on a large number of coins. If the image you want on your coins has any subtle shading, you might need to enlist the help of the minting company’s designers to work out an alternative. You will also need to consider the manner in which the coins will be presented – after all, you can’t just hand them to people straight out of the box. A good minting company will give you options suitable for a variety of occasions, from elegant pouches that you can use for event giveaways to formal frames and cases that the recipients can proudly display in their home or place of work. When you place your order for custom challenge coins, be aware that their production takes time. The coins need to be stamped, plated and colored before they are ready to go, so don’t expect for it to be possible for your coins to get to you in just one day, or even a week. A fast delivery for challenge coins is one that takes place 10 days after you’ve finalized your transaction with the minting company, so be sure not to place yourself in a bind by ordering your coins too close to the date by which you’ll need them.... Continue..
seo SEO experts

About chronistsempelis

When a company is struggling to try to improve their search engine rankings and their visibility, the best solution is to hire or consult an SEO specialist. Some have multiple areas of expertise like content writing, Google analytics, and, of course, search engine optimization. SEO Consultant chronistsempelis is one of these specialists. With 10 years of experience in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and web development, he has become one of the most trusted consultants that struggling companies seek. seoHis company, ExplodeSEO, was founded in May 2005, and boasts 24 hour customer support, the ability to cancel services anytime without any long-term obligations, month to month payments, and were given a Grade A rating by the Better Business Bureau. Prospective clients could get a quote for free on the company website, as well as browse their different services.
Some of the services they offer, aside from content writing, analytics, and SEO, are:
• Link building • Penalty recovery • Reputation management • Video creation and optimization • Social Media Optimization When people are considering hiring an SEO Specialist, there are a lot of things they have to consider. SEO companies tend to be more expensive and need to be paid monthly for a company’s website’s upkeep. chronistsempelis provides free consultation and lets prospective clients decide if they want to push through with using the company to improve their visibility and rankings. When given the affirmative, then prices could range from $195-$145 per hour. While the list of past clients are not prominently displayed on the company website, chronistsempelis says that he has been proudly helping companies effectively up their visibility and rankings for the past six years. A client may ask for a list of past clients upon his initial consultation and could look these up themselves to see if these past clients have indeed seen positive results. Chronistsempelis is also proud to have his own methods and techniques when it comes to search engine optimization and internet marketing, discussed in depth in the upcoming ebook that could be found on hiswebsite. He is also happy to provide his own internet marketing software to clients who wish to make sure of them. SEO expertsThese methods and techniques are all white hat techniques, which means that he does not use any underhanded ways to boost a website’s rankings, nor does he veer from Google’s webmaster best practices. He actively promotes these white hat techniques, so any prospective clients who are afraid of getting their websites flagged or banned need not worry. He is also open to any companies who may want to partner up, and could just drop a line to the company’s email address.
Some topics he has touched upon in the articles that he has written that could greatly help other companies include:
• Tips for starting a new website • Understanding Google • Aspects that improve a website’s SEO • How to optimize a website for Google • Tips for having a successful PPC campaign for a website These articles show just how wide the areas of expertise he has and how long he has been in the business. So, if a person needs an affordable means of search engine optimization or just needs a free consultation to get his own website on the right track, then chronistsempelisis one of the SEO experts to consider. With his track record of successes and his years of experience, a prospective client can definitely reap a lot of benefits and learn so many things about search engine optimization. A client can leave his website and internet marketing in his capable hands and expect to see an improvement in search engine rankings, website reviews, and traffic.... Continue..

Why Funeral Services are Important?

A funeral service is a special tribute to a loved-one who has left this world. It is one way of showing that the deceased is well-cared for, dignified and respected even when he is gone. It is also a way for the family left behind to acknowledge and accept the death, remember the late person’s life and give each family member support at such a difficult time. For more visit gentrygriffey.com this service is provided by funeral homes. funeral-burialA funeral service will help the family face the loss, the initial big step to remove the sorrow and misery from inside so that it would be expressed outside via mourning. In this service, family and friends of the deceased can gather together, provide the necessary support needed and console one another. It is important to have a funeral service from funeral homes because it allows family and friends to speak of their admiration and deference to the deceased who became an important part of their lives. Hearing all these caring words will somehow lessen the pain the family feels. When man was created, death was his twin so funerals became a part of human history.A funeral service will allow mankind to move from worldly life to eternal life. It will help people start the healing process and will make them appreciate life even more. The funeral service will tell how the life of the deceased was significant. The loss will make those in attendance look for meaning in their own lives. It permits people to share their own emotions and thoughts on life and death. With the service provided by funeral homes, close family members and friends are brought together in one venue. They will then be able to share love and support to each other.The deceased is remembered during his or her funeral through the sharing of unique anecdotes and memories about him/her. This somehow brings hope and optimism for the future. For millenniums, expressing emotions, thoughts and notions on the death of a loved one can be done in a funeral. The ritual or ceremony will make people accept the death, pay their final respects and goodbyes, give support, dwell on the true meaning of both life and death, and be more hopeful about life. The ritual in any given celebration is a symbolic experience and expression which help people express their feelings and thoughts about the most important events of life. For instance, a birthday will celebrate another year added to a person’s life. A wedding will celebrate in public the love and unity of two persons. A funeral service remembers and honors the life of a person who passed away. These rituals unite people together. A lot of rituals follow a traditional and cultural procedure. Through time, these procedures may change but these have general patterns that can still be recognized. Those who witness these predictable or known rituals will make them feel safe and comfortable. For instance, in a service given by funeral homes, regardless of beliefs, those who attend know what kind of behavior they should display. They should be quiet, feel sympathetic to the family of the deceased and must offer their condolences. Rituals are also symbolic. In a wedding, rings are exchanged by the bride and groom to express unity. In a christening, christening gowns are worn to show that the baby is born a Christian. In a funeral service, there are those who wear black clothes to show that they are mourning. These symbols express emotions and belief when language cannot describe nor do justice to them alone. These are the reasons why it is important to give your loved one who passed away a nice memorial service provided only by the best funeral homes.
Gentry Griffey became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services.
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custom patches

Riding For A Worthy Cause Biker Patches

One of the most popular misconceptions that a lot of people have is the idea that bikers are generally ruffians. They are thought to be bad to the bone maybe because of the fact that they are usually tattooed with loud designs. They can also be seen with their vulgar stickers and a lot of gaudy patches. You may be one of the people who are misjudging these bikers. You may think that there is a little or even no reason behind their vulgar behavior and stuff. However, if you try to get to know them closer without your prejudice, you will find out that there is a culture that goes deep with brotherhood and passion among these bikers. And one of the greatest ways that show these things is their use of biker patches. Even if there are a lot of people who think that bikers are simply rude, there are also many who appreciate this hobby. Perhaps this is because of the fact that these bikers do their thing for a cause. One group of riders that has achieved so much fame is the Hell’s Angels. However, when it comes to a well-organized group of bikers, the Patriot Guard Riders is unrivaled. With their incredible biker patches, they travel across country to attend to funerals of fallen soldiers. These bikers do not “roll” merely for their hobby but for supporting a worthy cause. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of biker groups that conduct fundraising events for all types of health, environmental and social concerns. In one instance, a hospital patient got an insulin pump and the needed surgery was paid completely by a biker group. Biker patches on the rider’s vest may look like just any other patch. However, these patches imply something significant. If you would increase your understanding about these patches, you will learn that the “rocker” on top indicates your current area and the rocker at the bottom indicates the state where you are from. This means that a patch added to your vest signifies an accomplishment, which can be an exceptional performance during bike week or in a cross-country ride. Patches can represent the rider’s heritage, as well as POW issues and even animal cruelty issues that the rider is concerned with. custom patchesBiker patches also serve as the emblem of the wearer’s rank within his team. This can also include the leadership ability and longevity of the wearer. A “gang” leader can wear the biggest skull, largest set of wings and even add his name on his patches. This is a great way to let other riders know about his travels and achievements. This type of patches is quite similar to those given to kids (particularly scouts), to provide a sense of belonging and as an award for their efforts and achievements. However, these patches are much grander and signify a hint of rebelliousness. It may be quite tricky for you to choose the right patches for your needs. Luckily, there are a lot of reputable online vendors that sell superior quality patches. These pieces of art can be customized depending on your desired style, design, colors as well the type of attachment. There are also biker patches that are readily available in various vulgar designs. You can attach them onto almost anything you wear, including your helmet. If you want to take advantage of discounts, then you should order these patches in bulk. Purchasing online is one of the best and most convenient ways to acquire the stuff you need. In addition, it allows you to check out a wide range of options, which are available at reasonable prices.... Continue..
Storage container

Is a Movable Storage Container for You?

Whether you are looking for a solution to free your life of clutter or you need storage units for your move, steel storage units are a great option. Several storage container providers offer flexible buying options for containers. However, there are a few things to take note of if you are considering renting or purchasing a storage unit.
Home or Warehouse
Renting a storage container gives you two options in terms of location. Traditionally, companies offer storage units in their warehouses. This option is great for people with small lot space. However, it tends to be inconvenient for people who live away from most self-storage companies. It takes time to drive to the warehouse whenever you need to get or add something to the unit. Storage containerFortunately, some companies have begun offering movable storage units. These units are offered for sale or for rent. There are companies that even offer delivery of portable storage units with their heavy-duty trucks. However, you will have to make sure that there is enough space in your property where you can place the movable storage unit.
Area Regulations
Many cities and towns have passed ordinances regarding portable storage units. For instance, movable storage units are regulated in Palmetto City, FL to make sure that residents do not abuse their liberty to rent and leave so-called portable storage units outside their homes. Be mindful of the regulations in your area. For example, some cities do not allow residents to leave 20 feet long storage units on a perpetual basis.
Short Term or Long Term
Movable self-storage units are usually offered for short or long-term rental. Short-term storage rentals are affordable and ideal for individuals or families who will be moving to a new home. Some companies offer daily or weekly storage contracts for everyone in need of space in the meantime. Long-term rentals are great for people who are in need of an almost permanent storage solution. Long-term contracts are usually more affordable, which are great for families in need of space for their stuff while renovating.
Buy or Rent
While long-term storage rentals have reasonable prices, some people who need additional storage space for a long time, if not during their lifetime, resort to purchasing a storage container. People have become creative in taking advantage of movable storage solutions that several companies offer nationwide. For instance, some people customize their units to have shelves for better organization. There are containers that come with wide doors, making them a good DIY room or living space project for creative minds. Some families and even businesses have purchased large movable units to serve as a room. With a little work, 30 to 45 feet high storage units can be converted to playhouses, pantries, wood work posts and even recreational rooms.
Consider your Storage Needs
While movable storage units seem to be an efficient organizing solution, whether you will rent or buy one depends on your storage needs. On the one hand, if you need space for clothes and other small items, a 7-foot long container may suffice. On the other hand, if you need storage for appliances, furniture and other large items, you will need a 20 to 40-foot long storage unit. You can choose to have a large steel box at the back of your house for easy access to your belongings. Have it delivered by a trusted provider in your area. Research about your city or town’s regulations regarding movable or portable containers. Think about the most cost-effective renting or buying option based on how long you will need the unit. Sometimes, buying a storage unit is surprisingly more efficient than renting for individuals who will be storing their stuff for a very long time. Besides, owing the storage container means you can do whatever you want with the unit and you would not have to worry about damages.
Author Bio: Our storage container offers secure on-site storage solutions.Our storage containers enables you to store your belongings without exposing them to unpredictable weather conditions, thereby protecting your goods or belongings from possible wind and water damage.Our containers are not only of high quality but they are also available at affordable prices.
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Motivational speaker

Things That You Need to Know About Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are known for their ability to entice their audience and keep them focused on what they are saying. His main function is to serve as a medium to inspire and motivate people in order to achieve their goals. He also needs to keep the audience glued to what he’s saying in order to keep the audience’s spirits alive all the time. There are many types of motivational speakers that you can hire based on their field of expertise. There are speakers who can help improve their audience’s communication skills but they lack the expertise to help them out when it comes to work efficiency. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you choose the motivational speaker that has the experience and knowledge suited for the topic or subject matter. A motivational speaker also needs to know about the business and organization that he’s working with. He also needs to make sure that he gets the point across during his speech. This is to make sure that the audience gets drawn to every word that he will say. It has already been proven by most businesses and organizations that hiring a professional inspirational speaker can have a long-lasting impact to their daily routines. Therefore, motivational speakers have become very important in most events and seminars organized by these businesses and organizations.
Here are just some of the ways that motivational speakers can help you out:
This is perhaps one of the most powerful techniques that an inspirational speaker uses to his advantage. In order for a speaker to effectively communicate with his audience, he needs to have excellent communication skills. An effective speaker needs to know how to get through the audience members to make sure that they fully understand the essence of his words. After that, a speaker can easily help them apply the things that he has taught. Therefore, speakers also teach the audience the value of communication among their peers, colleagues, and family.
An effective motivational speaker also needs to be able to help others improve themselves in order to be effective in what they do. Motivational speakers can also help their audience have more self-confidence. A common advice they give to people pertains to the need to identify one’s own mistakes and to work on one’s own flaws. Effective speakers impart the importance of self-improvement not only to their audience, but also to the bosses and event heads.
•Fresh and Brand New Ideas
One of the few best traits of an effective motivational speakers is that he can teach new concepts and ideas to the audience. An inspirational speaker is usually effective in teaching the audience how to generate new ideas and concepts to make whatever they are doing a lot easier. A speaker also needs to know how to inspire and motivate the crowd by presenting his own ideas about how things could effectively be done. Motivational speakerBusinesses and organizations that are looking to hire the services of professional motivational speakers need to clearly emphasize their goals and what they are expecting from them. Oftentimes, an inspirational speaker imparts motivational and inspirational quotes to the audience while some make use of a livelier approach by having games and Q and A portions. Apart from these sections of the program, an inspirational speaker can also hear the audience’s personal problems and work-related dilemmas. This will help the speaker reach out to the audience on a more personal level, making it easier for him to tackle issues if ever he would be invited to speak again for the company or organization. Hopefully, these tips will help guide you in choosing the right motivational speaker for your scheduled events.... Continue..
Golf shoes

Score the Perfect Swing with a Great Pair of Golf Shoes

Some golfers think that getting a great pair of golf shoes should not really be on top of their priorities, when the truth is it actually dictates how well they play on the fairways. Purchasing comfortable and high-quality golf shoes therefore is something that you must not take for granted. Seriously, have you taken an honest look on your golf shoes lately? Do you think they can still survive a single game? How well have these shoes assisted you in your game? Don’t you think they’re already in a terrible condition and needs replacement soon? Golf shoesBeing a golfer, putting golfer shoes on top of your list when it comes to listing down the factors affecting your perfect swing, should be a fact. Hitting a golf ball towards the hole depends on your foot stability, balance, and swing path. Did you even realize that two of the three factors have something to do with your footing? In all honesty, most golfers fail to realize that it is their pair of golf shoes that actually accompanies them in every golf round. They are the pieces of golf equipment/apparel that are most abused. Golfers fail to appreciate how much these buddies have contributed to their perfect swings. With these said, can you honestly say that you have taken care of your shoes well? If you think that they need replacements, don’t worry because some tips and advices on choosing the right golfer shoes will be tackled. Meanwhile, know about the importance of a great pair of golfer shoes in your overall game performance. •A worn set of shoes or golf spikes are to blame when you suddenly slip while executing a swing. However, you can easily fix this matter by replacing your spikes or buying a new pair of golfer shoes that is of higher quality. •Shoes that fit like a glove and are comfortable and sturdy will do their job on the field well. You can check out various brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, and others to find what suits you best. No matter how hard you swing, perfectly fitted shoes won’t fail you all the time. After knowing how golfer shoes affect your swing, find out about the most common mistakes golfers make when buying their shoes. •They think that fashionable shoes are more stable than simpler ones. While brands offer both stability and fashionable design, you must always check for both before buying. •They sacrifice quality over price. This is actually something that many are guilty of. Come to think of it, if you can buy the latest iPhone model then why not purchase a Tiger Woods shoes? You don’t have to purchase the latest Tiger Woods model, but instead go for the model that is at least two or three years prior to the latest. A pair of these will remain a great golf companion for some time instead of going for the cheaper ones and having to buy a new pair every two months. Having comfortable and stable golfer shoes really can make a huge difference on how well you play on the field. If you’re concerned with price, it is recommended that you save a little extra each time you receive your paycheck so you can afford better quality ones at higher prices. In case you don’t know, $150 can already get you a good pair of golfer shoes. As an enthusiast, you just have to be eager in scouting for clearance sales and coupons that can lower the price of your preferred golfer shoes brand. Check out online stores to shop for high-quality, affordable golf shoes.
When you buy a pair of golf shoes, you want to not only help your game but also make sure you are styling on the course!Thats why this Caveman is bringing you the best selection of ladies golf shoes on the web!
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Content writer

Content Writers – Your Allies in Online Success

Content writers are professional writers who create searchable, relevant and engaging content for use over the internet. They produce articles, blogs, and other written materials for many types of websites including corporate websites, blogs, e-zines, e-commerce sites, social networks, news aggregators, government websites, school websites, and other similar places on the web. Website article writers are internet-savvy individuals who have strong English writing skills and experience using web publishing software, technology systems such as content management systems, and web formatting tools like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Website content optimization is a vital aspect of publishing website content. Optimization involves more than integrating specific keywords a few times in a page and writing articles with a certain number of words. The changing rules and algorithms of search engines has made it essential to provide well-written, social-ready, and useful content for website users.  Content writerWebsites need relevant content to draw and retain visitors on the site. Relevant content refers to articles and content that web users searching around specific keywords find helpful, informative, and engaging. Quality content is compensated by search engines with priority ranking on search engine results page, exposing the website to more searchers, and increasing the prospects of making a sales. Content writers are SEO specialists who know how to weave keywords naturally to well-researched and engaging articles, targeting readers and search engines at the same time. They know better than over stuff their content with keywords and risk readability, and quite possibly, search engine penalty. A content writer will surely know how to use the right keywords and create engaging content to optimize meta descriptions and title tags to suit a website’s marketing objectives. Writing effective content requires long hours of research. Web writers need to provide accurate and highly informative content to build viewer’s trust, compel them to continue browsing the website, and convince them to buy products or services that the website is promoting. It is the content writer’s job to make sure that website visitors will get the information they’re looking for quickly and efficiently by providing focused, organized, and web-friendly content. An estimated 79% of web users scan through text instead of reading closely and reflectively, skipping much of the content that they consider as unimportant. In creating content, writers must consider the specific target audience of the website and adjust the type, level, and tone of content to suit the needs and preferences of its audience. Content writers typically create or edit content that are focused on promoting, marketing, or selling products and services listed in the website. Informational content, on the other hand, are geared towards educating web users by providing complex information in easy-to-understand format, at times adopting a conversational tone if required. Designing the appearance of articles in a website is one of the essential skills of a content writer. A writer has to be astute and artistic in presenting content, using headings and subheadings to create a visually pleasing and highly readable copy. A good content writer knows how to break a complicated idea into more digestible pieces of information that are interesting and useful to web readers, enticing more visitors to the site. A content writer is much more than a writer who produces content for the web. In many instances, a web writer has to do a lot of editing, rewriting, or polishing of old articles or content on a website. The job will sometimes require deciphering rough copies and turning out a comprehensible and neat version of a page of scribbling. Content writers provide invaluable support to a company’s internet marketing efforts by taking on the tedious and time-consuming job of article writing, allowing it to focus its attention on the more important aspects of business and marketing. Indeed, a content writer is your ally in driving desired traffic to your website and ensuring online success.... Continue..
Badge Lanyards

Difference of Screen and Digital Printing for Your Badge Lanyards

Badge LanyardsDigital printing and screen printing are two of the most conventional methods used in printing badge lanyards. They use different techniques of getting the design onto the fabric of the lanyards. Each of them has its advantages and drawbacks such as cost, color selection, and speed. Your choice will depend on the detail of the lanyard design, the type of fabric you will be printing on, and budget.

History and Advantages of Dye-Sublimated Lanyards
Dye-sublimation is a type of digital printing method, which was first commercially used during the late 1980s. This technique has full color, high resolution capabilities that are perfect for highly detailed, highly saturated designs. Dye-sublimation printing services of most lanyard companies offer numerous advantages to customers who want a quick turnaround time without minimum order.
1. Natural Look
The digital printing method of dye-sublimation involves transferring ink to a surface with the use of pressure and heat. The colors are a lot more integrated when compared to screen printing in which the ink is layered into the fabric. As a result, the design appears to be woven into the badge lanyards rather than just sitting on top of it. Dye-sublimation printing method is perfect for use on lanyards that have a glossy finish.
2. Quick Turnaround Times
This is the one of the main benefits of dye-sublimated printing. Moreover, the possible color spectrum is unlimited. The minimal set up time allows to offer quick turnaround times and to keep the costs down with no minimum order.
Downside of Dye-Sublimated Printing
Unlike screen printing, there are only limited kinds of surfaces that could be printed on using digital methods with excellent results. For digital printing, smooth surfaces provide a better canvas and create higher quality results.
History and Advantages of Screen Printed Lanyards
Screen printing is actually one of the oldest kinds of transferring images onto fabrics and other materials. As a matter of fact, it is recorded to go back as far as AD 960 – 1280 during the Sung Dynasty in Japan. This method was also used in the middle ages to mass produce playing cards. Nowadays, one of the techniques used to transfer a logo onto the badge lanyards is through silk screen printing. This process involves creating a print of the logo on a mesh screen and pressing the ink through the mesh onto the fabric of the lanyard. Screen printing is one of the printing methods used by lanyard companies because it provides several benefits.
1. Cost Efficient
Ideally, screen printing is a cost efficient technique to use for large orders. Normally, once the presses have been set up for the run, it is just a matter of transferring the design from the screen into the badge lanyards.
2. Versatile
If the design of your lanyards needs to have high details and vivid colors, screen printing is the best way to go. Since the ink is layered, brighter colors can be achieved than other printing techniques. Furthermore, the colors are more accurate to the colors in the design. It is certainly the fine points that make the difference when it comes to custom lanyards.
3. Durable
If you plan to use the lanyards as promotional items or souvenirs, screen printing is the better option because it offers durable and high quality end product. The nature of screen printing would allow lanyards companies to print any thickness and would result in something that could endure a machine washing.
Downside of Screen Printing
Compared to digital printing, screen printing is not as cost effective for small orders because a setup fee per color is required. With screen printing, the larger the order, the lower the cost will be for your badge lanyards.... Continue..

How to Protect Clothes from Potential Damages with the Right Custom Label Pins

awardpinsOne of the good things about custom label pins is clients can set their designs and come up with a unique present for employees or organization members. However, many individuals don’t like pins penetrating their clothes regardless if they are needed for identification purposes. Fortunately, it’s now possible for clients to help protect clothes in obtaining these pins with the following tips:

Select Unique Locking Mechanisms

Pointed parts of the pins make it possible for these items to stay secured in their places. The locking mechanism or clutch protects users from getting pricked by the pointed pins. However, these pins will penetrate through the fabric, which shows potential damages. Naturally, the damage is insignificant, but many people are concerned that continuous wearing will only result to further damages.

Luckily, custom label pins can have different clutch options that can protect clothes. Instead of choosing the usual pin and butterfly clutch, clients can choose magnetic clutches to prevent pin traces that may lead to damages. Magnetic pieces placed on the pins will secure the pin in place without the need for pointed pins.

Another protective option is the screw and threaded clutches. This clutch type attaches on clothes like regular nuts and bolts. The only difference is that they are a lot smaller and attached behind the actual pin. The only downside is that the lack of pointed pin makes it impossible to use on different parts of the clothes. They can only be placed on areas with pre-set holes like button holes.

Go with Soft Enamel Option

Designs etched on custom label pins can cause damages due to continuous friction. Of course, damages caused are not noticed immediately considering the lack of force or significant contact between the etched surface and fabric. A soft enamel option guarantees that this won’t happen on clothes.

Soft enamel pins have a smooth epoxy layer on top of the etched design, which means smooth surface. Instead of scratching the fabric, it will glide on top of the smooth surface and will leave no damages on clothes.

Avoid Corners in Setting the Design

Clients’ pin designs may come with corners. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the main material used for pins are metal, which means the corners may damage clothes. Going with round or oval layouts will ensure custom label pins won’t be a problem on clothes. Smooth edges plus polished metals also contributes to smooth contact and prevents damages.

In case you need to cornered designs as part of branding, set your design with rounded corners. Pointed corners pierce through fabric and become the beginning of damaged clothing.

Consider Other Pin Options

One of the best ways to protect clothes is by choosing other pin options that don’t require pinning. Pins can be designed using attachments like keychains and cufflinks, which have lesser risk of damaging clothes. Keychains are not worn on clothing and kept inside pockets or as bag attachments. This keeps the item from getting in contact with clothes. On the other hand, cufflinks are only used to secure buttonholes on sleeves, which mean they don’t need to be pinned on the fabric. Users can simply lock them in place to secure the sleeves in place.

If you are looking for custom label pins, you can consider these options to protect clothes for being damaged, especially if you’re wearing prized clothing. Many companies keep their employees are members in mind by settling with options that minimize damages on clothes. However, remember that these options are not usually among the standard add-ons. This implies possible additional fees, which you won’t regret spending given their offered benefits.

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